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We began our journey in the year 2014, when Sun-tech Enterprise was founded with focus to Solar Water Heating System. In the very few years we gained expertise in the feld of coating Solar Fins, and gave innovative products and solutions. In 2017, we ventured into business of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies and gained expertise in premium quality Solar Photovoltaic module with top end installed facility. Each one of us at Sun-tech Solar is positively motivated and enthusiastic to give
our best shot and march towards a predetermined goal –enforcing
With an increasing installed production capacity, we have aims to grow up & come out as one of the largest Services in India as well as spread our reach in the global market.Our only mission in this march is to give the best products and services, a customer can get in respect to Renewable Energy. We want every individual to adapt to Renewable source of Energy ,and take a step forward towards creating a better future.

What We Do

Sun-tech Solar is the fastest growing are a fully integrated and comprehensive solar power design, installation and commissioning solution provider. We standout in providing Premium Solar Modules which are best in Quality.


Today electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 80% of Co2 emissions. To bring down the carbon footprints, Sun-tech Solar ofers a green tech solution which are environment friendly, energy efcient and cost efective.


Solar Panels and convert the energy from sustainable sources into electricity that powers your home and businesses. And yes you save money, by generating power lower than what you pay for your electricity requirements!

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